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Animal Facts

Unique Facts about Animals

  1. The shrimp’s heart is located in its head.
  2. Cows have friends and share a deep attachment with them. Once separated, both the cows undergo a great amount of stress.
  3. A snail can sleep in its own shell for three years.
  4. Pandas do not have a particular sleeping spot, they sleep wherever they happen to be at.
  5. Sheep can self-medicate when they are sick. They can identify the specific plants that will cure the illness and eat that plant.
  6. Once the finger print of a koala has been confused with the finger print of a human due to their great similarity.
  7. Slugs have four noses.slug
  8. Elephants are the only animals that cannot leap or jump.
  9. Tiger’s legs can remain standing even when they are dead, due to their great strength.
  10. Penguins use stones as a gesture of love. A male penguin gives a female penguin a pebble and if she accepts it, they become partners.
  11. Some penguins carry their eggs on their feet, instead of building a nest.
  12. A healthy domestic cat is faster than Usain Bolt.
  13. You can say if a dog is happy or not by seeing the direction to which the dog wags his tail. If it is to the right, the dog is happy and if it is to the left, it means that the dog is sad.
  14. Rabbits can detect predators from all directions suing their 360’ paranomic vision.
  15. The horn of a rhinoceros is made of hair.
  16. One can hypnotize a dog by placing the frog on its back and gently stroking its stomach.
  17. Sloths take two weeks to digest their food.sloth-facts
  18. Penguin urine makes up for nearly three per cent of ice in the Atlantic Glaciers.
  19. Newborn fox cubs cannot see, hear or walk. The mother should stay with the cub at all times, while the father gets the food to them.
  20. Female lion and sisters live together for their lifetime. Their female cubs also stay together with pride. However, male lions do not stick with their family and usually venture out on their own once they become old enough.
  21. Pigs hearts have been used for human heart transplants.
  22. Zebras communicate with each other through gestures. For example, if ears of a zebra are flat back, they zebra is annoyed, uncomfortable or angry.
  23. Bats always turn left when they are leaving a cave.
  24. Giraffes have no vocal cords.
  25. An ostritch’s brain is smaller than its eye.
  26. Due to falling out of trees regularly, more than fifty per cent of orangutans have fractured bones.
  27. Frogs cannot vomit. If a frog absolutely has to vomit, then the frog vomits out its whole stomach.