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Exotic Shorthair

The Most Popular Cat breeds

  1. Siamese- Originated in Thailand, this cat breed is popular since the 19th Siamese cats are known for having distinct markings called ‘points’ which are the coloured areas on their ace or body. The Siamese cat is an ancestor of many other cat breeds such as oriental shorthair, sphinx and Himalayan.
  2. Persian-Also called as the “smushed-face” cats, the Persians cats are known for their beautiful, long, fur coats. They can come in any colour and have a comparatively flat face. However, these beautiful creatures are considered high-maintenance due to their long fur and regular grooming that is required to maintain it.

  3. Maine Coon- Also known for their thick furs and large stature, the Maine Coon is considered as a gentle giant. Maine Coons are great at hunting and remain as one of the most popular cat breeds since the 1970s. Another interesting feature about them is that, Maine Coons have extra toes, which make their already large feet look larger.
  4. Ragdoll- Ragdolls have a docile temperament and get their names from it. They have distinctive blue eyes and are known for having a few dog-like personalities such as following their owner around the house or the need to stay with the owner.
  5. Bengal- These cats have wild markings which make one believe that they might belong in the jungle more than at home as pets. These cats are energetic and require a lot of exercise. It is believed that the Bengal cats are originally bred from domestic cats and wild cats, which is the reason for their wild markings, which the Bengal cats inherit from the wild cats.
  6. Abyssinian- Originating from Ethiopia, these cats are known for their distinctive red/orange agouti coat. The coat has individual bands of light on each hair, giving the Abyssinians cats their unique look.
  7. Birmans- These cats are similar to the Siamese and Ragdoll in terms of color-pointing. They have bright blue eyes and a medium long coat with no undercoat. The Birmans were used for breeding to develop the Ragdolls.briman
  8. Oriental Shorthair- These might be confused with Siamese cats, but one has to remember that these cats have distinctive green eyes and come in different colours and patterns. These cats however are highly prone to skin cancer and utmost care should be taken when domesticated.
  9. Sphynx- The unique feature about this cat is that it has no fur or hair. These cats are every social, active and have dog-like felines.
  10. Devon Rex- These cats have short and wavy hair coat with thin, slender bodies. They have large ears. These cats are playful, active and is often called as a “monkey in a cat suit”.