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Dog Breeds

Most popular dog breeds

  1. Golden retriever- This breed can be yellow, chocolate or black in color and is known for being easy-going, friendly, multi-talented and energetic. The most distinguishing characteristics of this breed are the clean-cut head, thick fur-like coat and an otter tail.
  2. German Shepherd- Standing on the second position, the German shepherd is an alert, loyal, obedient, curious, confident, intelligent, watchful and a courageous dog. However, the first impression that one get of a German Shepherd is strong, agile and strong animals which is an incomplete description of the graceful animal.
  3. Labrador retriever – One of the evergreen popular breed of dog, the golden retrievers are known to be friendly, intelligent, kind, reliable, trust-worthy, and confident. Golden retrievers are the most popular dogs that are used for therapy purposes.
  4. French bull dog- This is one of the most popular small-dogs breeds. The French bull dog is alert, adaptable, playful,, affectionate, keen, sociable, easy going, patient, athletic and smart. They are available in white, brindle, fawn, tan colours. The French Bulldog is known for its bat ears.
  5. Bulldog- A medium sized dog, the bulldog is gregarious, docile, willfull and friendly. It has a muscular and hefty body with a wrinkled face and a pushed-in flat nose. The colors this breed of dog is available in are- white, fawn, brindle and white, red and white, fawn and white, red brindle and red.
  6. Beagle- Another small to medium sized hound, the beagle has gained immense popularity in the last few decades. Beagles are amiable, excitable, determined, gentle, intelligent and even tempered. The breed is available in lemon and white, tri colour, chocolate tri, white and chocolate, red and white, orange and white, white and tan.beagle
  7. Poodle- Once highly popular, the poodles lost their popularity in the recent times. Poodles re alert, intelligent, faithful, instinctual, active and trainable. They were known for their thick fur and how that fur could be designed in different ways. The breed is available in black apricot, white, cream, black and white, blue, silver, sable, brown, red, grey.
  8. Rottweilers- This medium to large dog is renowned for being loyal, confident, protective, smart, alert, devoted, obedient, steady, fearless, calm, and courageous. They are descendants of the Roman drover dogs and are popular for police use due to their strong abilities. The breed is available in black, blue, tan, mahogany.
  9. Yorkshire Terrier- This small bree of dog is known for its thick fur and extremely adorable looks. The temperament of the dog is bold, independent, confident, intelligent and courageous. The Yorkshire Terrier is available in black and tan, blue and tan, black and gold and blue and gold.