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Cat Owner

Tips for cat owners

Cats are great companions. These great companions need utmost care and love. Some tips you should know before getting a cat are listed below.

  • Before you adopt a cat, make sure you have enough time to take care of it. Cat might be independent in nature, but they are dependent in certain critical areas. You will have to make time for a feline, if you plan on getting a cat.
  • Look for cat-sitter or a buddy just in case you need someone’s help to take care of your cat when you are working long hours or have some things to attend to.
  • Test yourself for feline allergies before getting a cat. Realizing that you have feline allergies after getting the cat can be bad for your cat’s mental health, as they form attachments to the owner very soon.
  • Before you get your cat home, take him/her to a vet and get a schedule for all the vaccinations and medications required for your cat. Consult your vet about the diet for your cat and make sure you stick to the diet. Make sure your cat is neutered as soon as its age permits. This will make sure that your cat is healthy and happy instead of miserable and
  • Get a good quality litter box and good quality cat litter. Look for enclosed litter boxes to give your cat more privacy, which will make him feel more comfortable. In an enclosed litter box, it is also easier for clumping litter. Make sure to clean the box regularly and maintain it neatly. Negligence of this can lead to your cat catching diseases and fungal growth which in turn will lead to you getting an infection too.
  • Get toys for your cats. Cats are playful and can entertain themselves if you give them toys and a play area. Buy toys such as toy mice, string, feathers, soft toys or even empty boxes make great play areas for your cat.
  • Buy a scratching post for your cat to help with his teething and nails growing. This also makes sure that your expensive bags and sofas are safe.

  • Use catnip for training.
  • Invest in pet insurance for your cat. It is always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Make sure to start grooming early if you are getting a kitten home. If the kitten are used to the grooming routine, bathing, brushing, and trimming claws will be events to look forward to.
  • Build a cat door for your house to make sure that your cat is safe and stays indoors. When you are taking your cat out, use a cat carrier.
  • Make sure all your windows are screened and the dryer and waher in your house are always closed.