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Man Tying A Scarf On A Dog In Cold Winter

Tips to take care of your dog

Dogs need to be handled with utmost care and love. This is with both the dog’s and the owner’s health in mind. Some tips for taking care of your dog are listed below.

  • Clean environment- Be especially particular about providing a protected and clean living environment for your dog from the very beginning till the very end. Ensure that the dogs are sheltered from hazardous elements; ensure a good quality of life for the dogs.
  • Water- Make sure that water is always available for your dog and also make sure that this water is fresh and clean. Pet dogs are highly sensitive to water-borne diseases.
  • Visit a vet regularly- Go for regular check-ups to vet to check if there are any vaccinations or medicines that need to be given to your pet. If you have a particular vet that treats your dog regularly, he/she will give you a schedule of vaccinations, deworming, and external parasite control. Stay in touch with your vet about your dog’s health and be sure to have a record of all the vaccinations and medications given to your dog.
  • Diet- Obesity in dogs is serious problem which can result in body damage and sometimes even death. If your dog is overweight, his legs will get weak as they will not be able to take the weight and this weakness might result in fracturing of the legs. Follow the dietary requirements given by vet for your dog and stick to it. As rewards, provide healthy snacks over scraps or unhealthy snacks.labrador-in-water
  • Exercise- Always take your dog for a walk, at least twice a day. Dogs need regular exercise to stay healthy, active and fit. A dog in good shape is synonymous to a good with good mental health.
  • Build communication- Communicate with your dog as if it is your friend. Shower your dog with love and always be affectionate to it. Dogs build a very deep attachment with their owners very quickly, and it is necessary for the owners to reciprocate this. Spending quality time with your dog will also let you understand its needs and requirement better. This will allow you to understand early signs of sickness in your dog and you can prevent it.
  • Train your dog- If not complicated orders, train your dog to follow simple commands such as sit, stand, handshake, etc. Dogs are social animals and more people will be comfortable with your dog if the dog is used to these commands. Puppy and dog training classes are helpful for this.
  • Grooming- Make sure to take your dog for grooming and dental appointments regularly. Long furred dogs or dogs with long nails will be prone to hair-lies and scratching if the grooming is not done regularly.