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Woman Caring For Horse

Tips to take care of your horse

Just imagine, you are entering a horse show with your horse. Everybody is looking at both of you and forming their first impressions. It is quite obvious that you would want to leave a good impact on the audience; make sure that their first impression is the best impression. Here are some tips you can follow to make sure that you and your horse leave a positive impact on your audience.


  • Clean your horse regularly. Invest in some good quality brushes and make sure to keep those brushes clean. If your brush is dirty, you cannot achieve a thorough result on your horse. Even after hours of brushing with a dirty brush, your horse will remain dirty. Make sure to have one brush for each horse, to avoid infections. While brushing the hair, make sure to brush it towards the direction of the hair growth.wahing horse
  • Select your brushes according to the season in the area you are living. Winter brushes are stiff and help in removing excess skin and dandruff. Dandruff is high during winter times and it is necessary to keep your horse clean of dandruff. For summer, use a soft and small brush or the face and a soft large one for the body.
  • Always pick out your horse’s feet with a hoof pick.
  • Be extra cautious around areas where the horses feel ticklish while brushing.
  • To stimulate hair growth in your horse, massage the tail root of your horse with a body brush.
  • Wash your horse regularly with a washing sponge, as it absorbs more water.
  • Use the specified shampoo for your horse while washing it.
  • It is easy to spray the shampoo off your horse with water rather than using the washing sponge to clean it.
  • Make sure to wash every part of your horse’s body, especially under the tail and the hind legs.

  • If you wish to body clip your horse for a show, make sure that your dog is used to it from before. This can be done by body clipping your horse regularly two weeks prior to the show.
  • If you are using oil on your horse for that extra glow, make sure to use the right amount and not make it look too greasy.
  • Make sure your horse exercises regularly. A small gap in the exercise can put your horse out of shape and it will take a long time to get them back in shape.
  • Follow a proper diet for your horse and go for health check-ups regularly.
  • Build a relationship with your horse. This relationship will lead to a better understanding between you two. A good relationship between the owner and horse can win shows.